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Cup by Cup: Holton Rower’s ‘Pour Paintings’

By Sofia Honekman


I probably use more paint than anyone in the history of art.  –      Holton Rower[1]

Long concerned with notions of accumulation and sequencing, Holton Rower’s ‘Pour’ paintings utilize dozens of gallons of paint, resulting in acidulous sedimentary layers of acrylic pigment. In a collaboration between the aleatory nature of chance and careful artistic control, Rower’s works are a mediated duplication of nature.

Choreographed to temporal perfection, the process of the ‘Pour’ paintings functions as equal parts performance and the precarious play between intent and outcome. Colors are carefully selected in a pre-determined order, but the ultimate composition is left to chance. Once the pouring begins, the choreography of pigment addition is a rather fast process of continuously feeding the painting the cups of paint it thirsts for. Eroding the hard-edge confines of Pop and Op Art, Rower’s canvases present a psychedelic version of sequential color fields. As seen in this video recording of the artist’s process,[2] Rower’s masterful timing for each pour attains a near mechanical rhythm that in turn, renders the malleability and uncertainty of the paint’s destination under his controlled gesture. Each color, representing a stratum of paint, records its own viscosity and becomes a trace of the object's formerly liquid history, reminiscent of starkly demarcated geological formations millions of years old with a synthetic and acid twist.

Insisting on the materiality of his practice, Rower considers himself a sculptor first and foremost, as the physicality of the process contributes to an exploration of the very limits of the paint’s materiality, and asks us – how far can the medium be pushed? Maneuvering the viscosity of the paint in a version of wet sculpting results in both hard edges between each hue, and portions where the resin stoppers have eroded the clearly defined boundaries of the paint’s limit, leaving colors to merge, blend and melt into one another. From this gluttonous accumulation of paint, a simulation of nature’s own geological formations ensues, leaving a solidification of Rower’s artificial sedimentary layers of paint. The work is then trimmed around the edges of the paint’s boundaries, rendering the ultimate composition to resemble a slice of a tree trunk or stone, whose compressed layers simulate years beyond our own lifespan. Holton Rower’s ‘Pour’ paintings are ultimately objects which generate and record their own history, simultaneously presenting their longevity for being much longer than it is.

Holton Rower (b. 1952) lives and works in N.Y. He is the grandson of Alexander Calder and is best known for his “pour paintings.” Equating the pourings with sculptures, Rower began production of this series in the early 2000s. He grew up surrounded by art and working in his father’s construction business, where he learned about the qualities of a range of materials. In his own studio, he experiments with many techniques and media, including sculpture, installation, and assemblage.

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