James Walsh


James Walsh Biography

An abstract painter who has been an active member of the New York art scene since the early 1980s, James Walsh follows in the modernist tradition of Pollock in using art to reveal its own properties. Paint is the medium he relentlessly explores, seeking its limits and what it can express. The results of his inquiry are spectacularly wide ranging. Experimenting with innovative acrylic formulas, he uses paint in entirely new ways. In his paintings, large masses of pigment project outward from the surface of the canvas, creating unusual shape formations in high relief. In some, the paint is sculptural and three-dimensional, while in others, it rises from richly treated surfaces in the Color Field mode, as if allowed to buckle of its own accord or lift upward at the edges of giant brushstrokes. Although Walsh makes these compositional choices, the spontaneous appearance gives his paintings a feeling of the accidental, revealing that the paint has its own presence.